(Custom Coach Connection)


Lights For Your RV


At Custom Coach Connection we have always strived to best serve you, the consumer.

We have found that the most often asked questions are  "What is Custom Coach Connection?" and "What do you do?"

So, we have decided that it's time for a new name.

RV Satellite & Entertainment Solutions best describes who we are and what we do.

Nothing but the name will change.

As always, our #1 priority is you and the smile you have with a job well done.

From us at Custom Coach Connection and now RV Satellite & Entertainment Solutions,

Thank you and Safe Travels.

Geoff & Johana Matthews

Owners / Operators

​​We are RVers and understand how living in an RV full-time or even part-time can be rewarding and frustrating at the same time.

Our company mission is to make the rewards outweigh your frustration

without breaking the bank

​We do this by providing tailored designs that give you easy-to-use solutions to your entertainment equipment.

We believe if you can't operate all of your RV's systems, then it is just extra weight

you're carrying around.  

​Take a look around our site and feel free to email or call us personally to answer any questions you may have.​​​​